11 divertidos juegos en casa para niños - Grisi Kids

We know kids love to play all time regardless the place or the daytime. We have some game suggestions of family games to spend hours of fun without spending money.

  1. Personalized cards

    Being on vacations, getting close to a birthday, valentines or Christmas, it would be fun to create some personalized cards for family or friends. We will need a cardboard, paints, a pencil, an envelope and a seal.

    Para esto necesitamos una cartulina del tamaño de una postal, pinturas y un lápiz, además de un sobre y sello.

    Let your kids draw whatever they want and encourage them to write what’s happening on the reversal. A good idea would be the kids to dictate us the text and put their signature at the end.

  2. Cardboard house

    If we have a big cardboard box where our kids can fit, we can make a house, a plane or a spaceship; we just need to place the box with the aperture facing down and cut the holes for the door and the Windows.
    Your kids will be in charge of decoration. Your kids can draw the ceiling, the chimney, some flowers, the mailbox etc. as soon as they finish they´ll be able top play with it. The box can be a car if they decide to draw some wheels, windows, steering Wheel etc. instead.
  3. Pillow fight

    A pillow fight is perfect to begin the day or to end a nap. One of the parents must become secret allies with the kids in order to surprise each other. It’s an inoffensive battle where you only need some pillows and dozens of humor. But in the end it is important to make peace with you rivals. *Remind at all time to measure your strength and selecting soft pillows; stay alert of possible objects falling and avoid doing this on top of the bed.
  4. Soft or rough?

    Put some soft items into a bag such as a sponge, cotton, a glove, a sock etc. now add some rough items into the same bag such as rocks marbles, colors etc. the kids must take turns and put their hands inside the box trying to guess the object they are grabbing. If they do they will take it and try to guess another one.
  5. A collage

    Kids love to collect stuff and memories. On a cardboard help them decorate a pretty mural so they can hang at their bedrooms.
  6. Stories

    Someone would start telling a story and the rest of the players must take turns to add some phrases to end the story. It is convenient that the adult keeps record of the story writing it. In the end you´ll have a funny and original tale.
  7. Charades

    A kid would pick an animal without telling to anyone. He will imitate the chosen animal in front of everyone the one who guess the animal would take the kids place and so on. It is forbidden to talk; you can only gesticulate and make some noises.
  8. Rock band

    You can use tubs, pans, spoons or any kitchenaid to form your own rock band. Sing with your kids their favorite songs! You can sit your kids toys and teddies in front of you simulating to be your crowd.
  9. Costumes!

    We Know kids love to wear costumes, but helping them to create ones of their own would double the fun; we can dispose of old clothes, bags, hats, gloves even shoes that we don´t wear anymore that will help us creating our characters.
  10. Wit games

    Let's see who say more names! (Boy names, girl names, countries, brands…) the game can get complicated based on the players wit. You can ask for difficult words or themes such as hairless animals or things that fit in a box or whatever you can imagine.
  11. Paper step

    Place on the floor different color papers; kids must cross the room jumping from sheet to sheet without stepping the floor. This game besides fun will stimulate your kids precision and balance.