7 tips to convince your kid to take a shower

We all know bath time is an all times favorite, but sometimes kids don't want to stop playing for it, or they don't want to take a shower because they get cold or just because they don't want to. There are a lot of tips to get out of this conflict and turn it into a great experience. Here we go! ¡

  1. Make a plan for bath time. If you have a bathtub you could turn it into a mini pool where you can let fly your imagination and think we are on vacations or swimming at a pond.
  2. Collective bath. Invite some of your kids favorite toys to bath time, those who can get wet and dry up easily.
  3. Pick their favorite characters shampoo. We have a line according to your kids’ personality!
  4. Make them feel independent. Let them soap themselves and apply the shampoo. Maybe they won´t be as clean as you want but at the end it will make them enjoy it way more.
  5. Planeen lo que viene después de la ducha. Elijan la ropa que usará y el peinado, en el caso de las niñas que le gustaría lucir junto con sus accesorios.
  6. Plan up what´s next after shower. Pick up the clothes and the hairstyle, when talking about girls what accessories would they like with their hairstyle.
  7. No rush. If we don´t prevent our morning time and we get up in a rush, everything becomes more complicated. Getting up early, having breakfast and bathing without a rush it’s an excellent alternative to enjoy this moment.
  8. Scoreboard. You can design with your kids a scoreboard, in which you can mark with a stamp every time they take bath with no discussions. When they get to seven stamps in a week they might claim a small prize, dessert or taking some friends home.