Cómo cuidar el cabello de tus hijos - Grisi Kids

As your kids grow, cares change with them; the use of products for their care and hygiene evolve and aren´t the same we used on the beginning.

Here are some recommendations for your kids hair care, doesn´t matter if it is thick, plenty, fine or scarce.

  1. Kids shampoo

    Use an exclusively kids shampoo, free of parabens and which takes care of the ph. of his scalp and is friendly with his eyes; this way you secure softness and naturality for your kids hair.
  2. Don't brush wet hair

    The best time to brush and detangle your kids’ hair is immediately after the bath; use a comb with big plastic teeth so you can detangle the most complicated knots in a smooth and delicate way.
    Be sure your kids have their own comb, and let them brush and comb as much as possible.
  3. Avoid pulling your hair

    It’s better for your kids’ hair to wash and comb it softly; massage your kids’ hair while he is in the shower and brush and comb it after the bath without pulling it too hard. Turn this routine into a fun experience.