How to decorate your kids’ room when they grow up - Grisi Kids

When your kids turn 3 or 4 years old, they would be able to suggest about their room decoration, therefore you might be able to identify your kids’ interests.

Your kids suggestions about their room decoration would be very important, this would favor them to be more comfortable at their personal space and will stimulate them to keep it clean and be careful with it. What you must take in consideration at the time to decorate the room are the kids who are sleeping, playing, resting and using it. If kids don´t fell it their own, they might prefer sleeping in another bedroom.

Many details and aspects of a 3-4 years old kid room will live in his memory. At this age kids make their room a world or their own, fantasyland. If you favor that sensation of power, they might take more care of it, pick up their toys, make bed, order and classify places for every stuff.

Advises to redecorate your kids’ room

  1. Walls

    Cover and paint a table where you can hang up your kids’ drawings, school works, pictures and other memories; so they can have their own accomplishments space.
  2. Tv and other electronics

    Avoid filling you kids room with electronics, besides being distractors they emit too much radiation and they can keep away your kids from family interaction,

  3. Music

    Put a stereo at your kids’ room. Music helps to learn, stimulates language development, make you dance and helps socializing and relaxing.
  4. Furniture

    Changing the cradle for a bed must be a gradual change. If your kids can’t stay quite at night adapt a barrier to their new bed. Look for furniture according to your kids’ age, which are not only pretty but also safe without sharp edges that might hurt them
  5. Drawers

    The older they get, the bigger the amount of things they have. More books, more clothes, more toys; Help yourself with some drawers to keep all these items organized.
  6. Memories

    Keep some things that provide the kid with security such as a book, a teddy or a pillow that represents those first years.
  7. Space

    The kid will need space to walk, dance, jump and move; be sure to leave a space for these activities at his room.
  8. Safety

    Natural light is important at a kid’s room. By mornings, a well-lighted room will provide energy for your kid and by nights good curtains will help his rest.
  9. Illumination

    La luz natural es importante en un cuarto de niños, por las mañanas una habitación iluminada propiciará a que tu hijo se sienta con mucha energía y por las noches, unas cortinas adecuadas propiciarán su descanso.
  10. Simplicity

    Try not to overfill your kids’ room with pictures, toys, books and stuff because it might turn into an overwhelming experience for you kid.