Cómo enseñar a un niño a leer - Grisi Kids

Teaching your kids how to read is an entire experience that will fill you as a father of heartwarming moments. With the adequate techniques your kids would be reading soon and from home.

  1. Frequently read with your kids.
  2. In order for your kids to be interested in reading, you must read for them frequently, preferently start reading to them since their childhood and continue until they go to school.
  3. Support the routine with some short lectures for their reading skills.
  4. As your kids advance at school, try reading to them more difficult lectures that might develop their reading skills, while having an interesting history of their favorite characters.
  5. Offer them book that enforces others skills so they can interact while you are telling the story. Look for books with touchable pages; books that reproduce sounds or that have different smells.
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  7. ncourage your kids to describe stories.
  8. After each lecture session, encourage your kids to describe all what they learn from the story; try them to be meticulous but do not expect elaborated answers. An easy and fun way to help your kids is to integrate their toys to represent the characters on the story.
  9. Make your kids to read in loud voice.
  10. Therefore you´ll have a better perception of their skills and you´ll be forcing them to lower their reading speed in order to pronounce correctly. Avoid stopping them while reading, since this might interrupt their thinking and difficult their reading comprehension.
  11. Reading in a loud voice must not be limitated to short lectures, even when they are surrounded with difficult words encourage them to say every one of them in a loud voice. Every example of this will work; street announcements newspapers, magazines or SMS could be the beginning of this enrichment activity.