Los terribles piojos en los niños, ¿cómo se pueden evitar? - Grisi Kids

We know lice proliferate during hot seasons and it happens mostly during scholar ages. They constitute a sanitarium problem regardless of social class.

Lice are only transmitted by contagion, they hold to the scalp and feeds of your blood. Females lay their eggs (nits), which attach strongly to the scalp. Females are oval shaped and white colored. They differ from dandruff because they are attached to the scalp and have an oval shape. From their eggs, lice are born which soon will become an adult who will start to itch and lay more eggs.

¿How to avoid them?

  1. Frequently wash your kids’ hair.
  2. Brush and comb daily.
  3. Frequently check on your kids’ hair. Mainly check on the back of their ears and nape.
  4. Disinfect your combs frequently.
  5. Do not exchange combs, hats, hair bands or pillows with other kids.

¿What to do in case of lice?

  1. Do not wash their hair before applying any antiparasitic lotion, preferently those that contains pyrethrins. (Products available at drugstores).
  2. Cover your kids’ hair with a plastic hat. Only people with lice must use anti lice shampoos, since their indiscriminate use isn’t recommended for kids.
  3. Wash your kids´ hair with a normal shampoo after; be sure to use a parabens free shampoo.
  4. Do not dry your kids’ hair with dryers.
  5. Remove lice with your hands or with a special comb.
  6. Combs and any other hair accessories must be left for an hour submerged on anti lice lotion and towels must be wash with hot water.
  7. Every person related to a parasited kid must be checked and treated if necessary.