Dolls for boys and girls - Grisi Kids

Playing with dolls stimulates kindness and the protective instinct in your kids, for them, they create bonds with their toys. Kids who had the opportunity to play free with dolls turn into lovely and responsible parents.

¿What do I do if my boy asks me for a doll?

It is important to understand that until ages of 5-6 kids aren’t aware of sexual identity when they play. It is normal for them to get interested in all kind of toys, including those referred to girls.

Dolls are symbolic toys and when kids play with them, they use it imitate adults, something that teaches them new activities, help them excel their abilities and teach them about empathy.

Playing to be mom or dad, anticipating the roll they might perform in a few years, it’s the funniest way they can prepare for the future and understand their present.

Big allies to overcome their fears

JPlaying with dolls makes kids easier to express themselves. They are affective to these toys and they could transmit their feelings. If your kids are happy they will cuddle their doll; if they are nervous they will pull the doll at all time; besides as parent it would be easier to identify your kids’ speech, gestures and expressions that might be hard to know or communicate.With dolls, kids know their world best and grow in selfesteem.

How to pick the best doll?

When buying it make sure that is your kid´s favorite character and full fills the next characteristics:

  • Simple, so it might be helpful developing their imagination.
  • Soft and not to big for an easy manipulation.
  • Washable so you can keep it free of germs.
  • Pleasant, so your kid likes it as a friend.