Niños adictos al celular ¿Cómo ayudarlos? - Grisi Kids

If you notice your kids spending all their time with their cell phone or tablet, help them to understand the limits of its use

  • · Kids often get mad when we try to take away their ¨new toy¨. Talk to them when quiet and let them know the real utility of a cell ph
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  • · Get to an agreement: they might be able to use it as long as they respect some rules like eating on time, finish their homework or cleaning their r
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  • · If your kids have a rough time fulfilling the agreement, use discipline to correct them; be sure of always making clear the reasons without losing patie
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  • · Be an example, talk when necessary so they can identify the real use of a cell phone, and avoid spending hours on
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  • · Find alternative activities. Take them to yoga, karate or painting clas
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  • · Establish a schedule for its use, if necessary turn down the Wi-Fi acc
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  • · Take your kid to a specialist if misbehavior continu
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