Organiza una fiesta infantil en 10 pasos - Grisi Kids

Either it is for a birthday or rewarding your kids achievement, we help you host a party so your little ones can enjoy in company of their favorite characters and make you look like the hostess of the year. All with these 10 simple steps.

  1. Thematic

    Depending on your kids age and the moment of the year you could pick the theme of the party; come close to your kids and ask them about their favorite movies or tv characters or maybe about their favorite toy to host the entire party around it.
  2. Guests list

    How many guests are you hosting? Beside the closest friends, it is convenient to have the amount of guests that best suits the age of your kid; if yours is too young you should avoid inviting many guests in order for you kid not to feel overwhelmed.
  3. Costumes

    You could save money by making the costume by yourself; also it would be a nice present for your kid. Be sure to have makeup for your guests; so even if they don´t come with a costume they could fit in the mood.
  4. Invitations

    Drawing attention with a nice invitation is another point to have in mind. You can design an invitation according to the party theme and send them by email in order to save some time and money.
  5. Decoration

    Give your guests a warm welcome by taking care of every detail; the table clothes, glasses; plates and self-design welcome cards. As for the piñata, that can be homemade too.
  6. Menu

    Pick a menu that can be affordable and suits well for kids and grown ups; keep in mind that commonly kids are more interested in playing than eating, therefore be sure to pick healthy and refreshing snacks. Avoid platters full of sugar; the cake and candies must do it. You can present self-made platters for the grown ups.
  7. Music

    You will need music not just for the kids to dance but to organize the games and the piñata. Be sure to have a playlist before the party so you only need to push a button. Kids don’t wait!
  8. Games

    Prepare a game list according to your kids age and the thematic; think of all the things you´ll need including the prizes. Having an assistant who knows about will be helpful. The joy and laughs are on the kids.
  9. Party souvenirs

    Everyone loves going out of a party with a souvenir: therefore pick something according to your kids age, non expensive and that might be helpful for their lives; you can pick a memorama, a puzzle, coloring books, crayons or pencils. Avoid filling the kids with sugar.
  10. The cake

    Pull yourself to make the cake or small cupcakes for every guest. If you choose to buy the cake, make sure to know the number of guests and the presentation, since it will be the star when everyone chants happy birthday to your kid.

Let the party up with all this advices!